Pool Equipment Repairs

If you have a pool at home, you will probably need at some point a professional pool repair company. Repairing a swimming pool could be a big job that involves more than just replacing a skimmer or replacing a filter. This is why the Aquatic Balance professionals are experienced with pool repair and servicing and will come out to your home and get your pool or spa back into tip top condition.

Hiring a professional pool repair company protects one of your most valuable investments-your pool! Keeping the pool equipment working properly helps maintain the water chemistry and allows you to enjoy your pool instead of, educating yourself, and making time for the repairs yourself.
Aquatic Balance offers annual maintenance as well as installation, and troubleshooting and repair of filters and filter related problems.

Get a new pump installed or have us check out the old one. The problem may not be as bad (or as costly) as you think.

Let us install your new heater or work on your present heater. We understand the newer electronic ignition units as well as the older millivolt models.

Get your leaks repaired right the first time. We use professional grade materials backed by a applied understanding of hydraulics and flow.

We install and service everything from simple timers and to sophisticated electronic control systems.

Leak Detection
If your pool is losing water, Aquatic Balance can provide expert leak detection and leak repair. Our experience is the key to your satisfaction.

Annual Maintenance
We offer annual maintenance on all major equipment. This helps to keep it running with fewer problems and lower maintenance costs.

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